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How Does It Work?

Permitting is a critical consideration when planning and designing a project. Permits help ensure that laws intended to protect stream, riparian, and floodplain resources are followed. Use Gilly to complete and manage permit applications in an efficient, user friendly and secure manner. Fill out the 310 Joint Permit Application online and track the review and approval process through your device. 310 Permits for submission to the Gallatin Conservation District can be completed and submitted within Gilly. Applications for all other conservation districts and agencies require paper copies which you can complete, download, save, and print from Gilly at any time. All of your forms and data are stored securely within the Gilly platform and accessible to you whenever you need them. Gilly simplifies the approval process for administrators, ensuring that each application follows the correct course as it is presented for review and approval. Gilly is updated with current and historic data that institutionalizes data and makes that data easily available to administrators and other users.

Manage permit applications in a user-friendly, secure way for both applicants and administrators.

Ease of use

Save time and effort by using Gilly to fill out the 310 Joint Permit application. Once completed, easily download the application for your personal records and to share with others as needed.

Time Savings

Gilly streamlines administrative functions by simplifying the application process and digitally requesting changes. Permit status is readily available at all times.

Historical Data

Gilly collects, stores, and maps current and historic permit information creating a database of project information and records for future use.

What are permit applications?

If you are planning to do work on or near a waterway in Montana, one or several permits will be required. Conservation districts, along with participating agencies, created a Joint Application Form to help reduce the number of application forms that you need to complete to get your permits. In addition to reducing paperwork, the use of the online form will increase coordination and streamline the permitting process.

310 joint application

The Montana Natural Streambed and Land Preservation Act (310) exists to minimize soil erosion and sedimentation and to protect and preserve rivers in their natural or existing state. The purpose of the 310 Law is to ensure that projects on perennial streams are not damaging to the stream, its banks, or adjoining landowners. Conservation Districts administer 310 Law in their respective areas. There is no fee for a 310 permit.

Four Corners Foundation

Gilly is a project of the Four Corners Foundation (4CF). 4CF was founded in 2003 as an advocate for the thoughtful and strategic use of water in the Gallatin River Watershed and beyond.

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A Software Platform that Guides River Restoration and Preservation


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